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Flavours of Gran Canaria: typical gastronomy of the island

Gran Canaria is known for its breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beachesThe island's gastronomy also deserves to be highlighted. Canarian cuisine has Berber, Spanish and Latin American influences that fuse together to create unique and tasty dishes..

In this article we present the most representative flavours of the gastronomy of Gran Canaria for you to try on your next trip.

Typical dishes from Gran Canaria

Wrinkled potatoes

Wrinkled potatoes are one of the emblematic dishes of the Canary Islands. They are made by cooking small potatoes in their skins in water with a lot of salt. The result is potatoes that are wrinkled on the outside but soft on the inside, ideal for dipping in different sauces.

Papas arrugadas are served as a side dish with meat and fish or on their own as a starter. Don't miss this Canarian classic.

papas arrugadas Canarias

Gran Canaria flower cheese

Flor cheese is a fresh and unctuous cheese typical of Gran Canaria. It is made with goat's or sheep's milk and is named after the flower that covers its outer rind due to mould.

Flor cheese has a mild flavour and is ideal for spreading on bread or accompanying cold meats.. Try it melted in corn arepas or Canarian tortillas.

Sancocho canario

Sancocho is a stew based on salted fish, potatoes and mojo typical of the Canary Islands. It contains tuna or other salted local species, which are cooked with potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes.

It is served hot sprinkled with red or green mojo, two indispensable sauces in Canarian cuisine. Sancocho canario is a hearty dish full of Icelandic flavour..

Sancocho Canario


Goat meat is very popular in the gastronomy of Gran Canaria. It is prepared roasted, in stews or in very tasty kebabs..

Canarian goats graze freely in the volcanic fields of the islands, so their meat is magnificent. Try a goat stew in red wine or goat kebabs with mojo picón. Delicious!

carne de cabra

Old clothes

Ropa vieja is a traditional Canarian stew made with shredded beef or chicken. The name refers to the threads of shredded meat that look like shreds of old clothes.

This hearty dish is cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, wine and spices.. It is ideal for sharing with the family on Sundays or in gatherings with friends, washed down with local wine.

ropa vieja

Typical desserts and sweets

Gran Canaria's confectionery also has a great tradition with homemade and home-made sweets. Some of the must-tries are:

  • Sweet potato trout: puff pastry filled with baked sweet potato.
  • Honey biscuits: spongy sponge cakes with palm honey.
  • Frangollo: dessert made with honey, almonds, eggs and flour.
  • Quesadillas canarias: sweet with fresh cheese, honey and icing sugar.

On your visit to Gran Canaria, don't forget to try the tasty local sweets to complete the gastronomic experience. We recommend a tour of the island's traditional patisseries.

As you can see, Gran Canaria is a fusion of diverse culinary influences, giving rise to a delicious gastronomy. Whether in restaurants or street stalls, be sure to try all these specialities on your trip to experience the authentic Canarian culture. Enjoy your meal!

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