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1. List of services and prices

Taurito Water Sport S.L. offers, through this website, a platform through which you can buy and/or book excursions and activities of Active Tourism.

The User agrees to accept and respect the terms and conditions of purchase including the payment of any amount(s) due and the observance of all rules and limitations regarding the availability of rates, products or services and, if any, these will be made clear to the User on the screen before proceeding with the booking.

Our services are for personal, non-commercial use only. Therefore, you may not resell, deep-link, use, copy, monitor (e.g. spider, scrape), display, download or reproduce the content, information, software, products or services available on our website for any commercial or competitive activity.

The price to be paid in the establishment may be different from the published price and this will be according to the amount agreed by a salesman, seller or according to the amount of offers, promoters, intermediaries, promotions, seasons, volume of purchase, regular customer, resident or weather conditions at any given time.

All our boats only make sea excursions with crew, stopping for lunch and to view the seabed, the price includes 7% of taxes.

The rental of the nautical motorbikes in all its modalities have included in the price the 15% of IGIC, the rest of articles and services, have included in its price the 7 % of IGIC.

The sea activities are very subject to weather conditions, especially wind and waves, so the client must take this into account when making the reservation. It will depend on the prevailing weather at any given time whether or not the activity can be carried out on that beach. It is in Playa del Inglés where the adverse wind and wave conditions are most severe, so when this happens the activities will take place in Playa de Taurito or Playa de Mogán.

Nautical leisure activities and buggy hire, are not suitable for the following personsChildren very sensitive to sea conditions, very old people, people with mobility difficulties, back problems, muscular problems, neck problems, epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety or panic at sea, easy seasickness, morbid obesity, people weighing more than 140kg, people who have consumed drugs, alcoholic drinks, medicines that diminish attention and all people who may find it difficult to react when entering the marine environment.

- Driving a jet ski. To do this you must contract the rental and provision of services. There are some safety rules of the company, which the user must read when hiring these services, you must also put your personal data and the period of use in the logbook required by law. The jet skis will circulate in a circuit of 4 buoys in front of the beach, being strictly forbidden to drive outside this circuit of buoys, it is also forbidden to approach the area of the swimmers and other boats, in case of needing help, it will be the monitor of the company who will approach the client, after he has raised his arms to call his attention. It is very important to drive responsibly, making good use of the jet ski and respecting at all times the safety measures, maintaining the safety distance required by this company of 100 metres away from other devices. If the aforementioned safety distance is not respected, the company reserves the right to withdraw the jet ski from the person who has broken the rules, without the possibility of a refund. 

It is not necessary to make a reservation for the jet ski activity, but sometimes, depending on the volume of work, there may be waits to which you will have to adapt.

-ParasailingThis activity is very subject to weather conditions, wind and waves, so it will be the captain of the boat who decides whether it is possible to perform the activity at that time, if you should wait for it to improve, if you should perform it in another area or another beach. Although very rare, there are certain risks when performing this activity, these may be due to wind, waves, mechanical failure or human error, the wind can change while we are doing the flight, or suffer a mechanical breakdown or human miscalculation, to avoid them to a greater extent, this company tries to suspend the flights when the conditions are not suitable, the boats are modern newly manufactured and the crew very experienced.

 On each flight a photographic report is taken which can be purchased on a USB stick. The flights can be single, double or triple depending on the weight of the clients and it will be the captain of the boat who decides how they can fly, maximum weight per flight is 200 kg. approximately, depending on the wind and waves.

After loading the passengers on the beach (this is normally done with the banana), they are taken to the zodiac, and then taken to the parachute boat, the clients will remain on the boat for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour in normal circumstances depending on the volume of clients at the time and up to 2 hours or more if it is high season and some difficulty arises, such as wind changes or technical failures.

If the activity is not carried out voluntarily, there is no right to a refund.

NOTICE: When the wind at Playa del Inglés is not suitable, the paragliding flights may be cancelled, delayed or relocated to Pasito Blanco, Playa de Taurito or Playa de Mogán.

-BananaDepending on the sea conditions, the boat may be unstable and may capsize during the trip. Our staff is instructed to prevent the boat from capsizing to avoid accidents. If we are in high season, there may be waiting times of 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

-CrazyNot suitable for people with skin sensitive to chafing, not suitable for people with a sensitive neck or spine due to the bouncing the client undergoes in this activity.

-Jet Boat. Available only in Playa de Taurito and Playa de Mogán. Speedboat that performs spectacular spins and braking by introducing water through its bow, it is not suitable for children under 10 years old, except for arranged outings, it is not suitable for very old people, or with muscular, spinal or cervical injuries due to the abruptness of the spins it performs, as passengers must be well secured to the boat to avoid being hit.

CombosThis product is a reduced price offer for purchasing a variety of items, some of which cannot be carried out in Playa del Inglés, due to the weather conditions in the area, but normally can be carried out in Playa de Taurirto and Playa de Mogán. If after contracting the services of the Combo, any of the contracted activities cannot be carried out for any reason, the client must change it for another activity or for more time, but is not entitled to a refund of the money.

-Fly BoardAvailable only in Playa de Taurito and Playa de Mogán. Suitable from approximately 14 years of age depending on foot size, a little balance and agility is required to perform this activity, no experience is necessary, 80 % of customers are lifted from the first time.

Buggy on a guided tour. It is essential to be in possession of the original driving licence at all times. The excursion will always follow the instructions of the guide at all times. Each driver is responsible for complying with all traffic regulations, and may be sanctioned by the agents who regulate them.

Cancellation Policy

1- Once you have purchased the product, you will be able to carry out the activity on the date indicated or change it for another date as long as you inform us and it can be changed, subject to confirmation by e-mail.

2- If you do not carry out the activity on the date indicated and you do not communicate and request to change the date, you will be charged a penalty of 100 % of the same and you will not be able to claim a refund of the amount paid.

3- Changes to catamaran and yacht bookings are subject to availability.

4- Cancellation within 24 hours prior to the activity, without refund of the payment made.

5- Cancellation between 24 and 48 hours prior to the activity, penalty of 30% of the payment made.

6- Cancellation before 48 hours, full refund.

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Catamaran trip

On this large catamaran you will enjoy your space of comfort; you will be able to sunbathe while sailing and watch the marine variety; turtles, flying fish and the dolphin crossing y whales in the Atlantic.

You will also enjoy our bar on board where we include 1 soft drink. We have daily departures from Puerto Rico Base.

This excursion guarantees a dolphin or whale sighting, otherwise we provide another ticket.

  • 2 or 4 hours luxury catamaran trip (SuperCat)
  • Optional pick-up and drop-off at the hotel
  • Banana ride (optional)
  • Snorkelling with equipment (goggles)
  • Fantastic discount on all nautical activities (jet skis, parasailing, Jet Boat, Fly Board, etc.)


*Optional photographic report (for a fee)


Normal Price / Holidays GC Price

Catamaran trip 2h - 1 Adult (from 12 years old)

55€ / 35€

Catamaran trip 2h - 1 Child (between 4 and 11 years old)

35€ / 25€

Catamaran trip 2h - Babies up to 4 years old


Catamaran Trip 4h - 1 Adult (from 12 years old)

75€ / 55€

Catamaran Trip 4h - 1 Child (between 4 and 11 years old)

45€ / 35€

Catamaran trip 4h - Babies up to 4 years old


Super Combo (Catamaran 2h + Jet Ski + Parasailing + Banana) - Price per person

116€ / 90€

* This activity has limited places. In order to confirm your place you will need to pay online. 20€ deposit to secure your place. The balance is payable at the start of your activity.

We will contact you by e-mail to confirm once we receive your booking.

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Form for Online Booking

*Important: Please fill in this online booking form. We will contact you once we check availability in order to confirm your reservation.. Thank you in advance.

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Experience the pleasant feeling of peace and tranquillity approximately a few minutes' walk away. 100 metres highYou will enjoy the breathtaking views of the island of Gran Canaria, the Dunes of Playa del Inglés and the cliffs on the beautiful coast of Mogán. Up to 3 people can fly at the same time, and this activity is recommended for anyone, even children from 5 years old accompanied by their parents.

Parasailing is an activity that everyone can do, no previous experience or physical effort is necessary. Our boats are equipped with the latest safety elements and technology, crewed by experienced professionals.

  • Transfer
  • InsuranceSafety instructions
  • Life jackets
  • Free lockers in which to deposit your belongings
  • Optional service of photos and/or videos of your activity


*Optional photographic report (for a fee)

  • Flight for 1 person: 28€
  • Flight for 2 people: 45€
  • Flight for 3 people: 100€
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